Justice for Job Seekers Community Forum


Unscrupulous employment agencies throughout New York State are preying on job seekers.

New York State’s most economically distressed workers are spending thousands of dollars to find jobs through employment agencies only to be scammed and exploited by those agencies. The laws that govern employment agencies in New York are outdated and weak; they fail to offer meaningful protection for workers.

JOIN US @ Sion Church at St. Peter’s Church.
619 Lexington Ave (at E 54th St) New York, NY

Trains: E, M, 6

Learn more about this serious issue, share your story with employment agencies and learn how you can help end this abuse.


The Justice for Job Seekers coalition represents low-wage workers throughout New York State.

We seek to reform the New York employment agency laws in order to:

1) Deter employment agency abuse;
2) Facilitate enforcement;
3) Empower workers; and
4) Improve the job market for low-wage workers.

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